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Affiliation Program Channels

Affiliation Program Members

Network Uptime

Personalized BotServ

"Affiliate Program" members can request a personalized BotServ for their channels.


VirtualIRC Network Staff makes a personal webpage for projects that are part of "Affiliate Program" (like virtualirc.net/p/test.php).

vHost for channel staff

"Affiliate Program" members can request personalized vHost for channels staff (channelname/staff/nickname).

StatServ in your channel

If the request is accepted, StatServ join automatically into "Affiliate Program" channel.

Priority on ticket system

All "Affiliate Program" members tickets, have priority on ticket system.

No-expire mode for founders and successor

If the request is accepted, nicknames of Founders and Succesors of "Affiliate Program" channel, will be set in no-expire mode.

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